The longer presentation

I’m beginning with the donation options so that you will not be bored reading the entire presentation 🙂 


RO 81 INGB 0000 9999 01705974 (RON)
RO 73 INGB 0000 9999 02156489 (EUR)

Phone number for donations: 0900.900.088 — 5 euro / call (service offered for free, no VAT payed),in the Romtelecom network.

My full name is Andrei Cioinigel, I am 28 years old and until one and a half years ago my life was getting close to the ideal from my point of view (an engineer’s ideal at least): a pleasant and without routine work, a company environment similar with the one in a family (maybe a strange comparison, but everybody is acting like relatives), with coffee breaks and interesting discussions, a nice and understanding girlfriend (in a relationship there is a greater need for compromises and she understood that long before I did) and a small male cat which we raised since he fit in my hand entirely, Costel, with a dog’s personality – he listened to commands  and he is playful or loving depending on my state of mind. This really was an ideal life for a normal person like me. Under these circumstances I managed to grow my cartoons t-shirt collection, thing which didn’t happen anymore after I’ve received the diagnostic (T Lymphoma, and after one year and a half it changed now to a T Leukemia) because of two causes, both independent of me: 1. The disease changed my priorities and 2. The fashion changed and it appears that not too many people are crazy for cartoon t-shirts.

Before my first trip to ski in foreign countries (Austria), my father observed that my right part of the face was swollen and he asked me if I look in the mirror in the morning. My naïve response was” It’s ok, I’m just getting fatter!”. I wasn’t getting that fat, because I was still under the limit of 0.1 tons and I still amJ. After another few days I could see on my own that my father was right, as my right side of the face grew twice compared with the one two days before, as did the gum and an under-mandible lymph-node also on my right side. After two consecutive sinusitis diagnoses, one before the ski trip and the other one after the trip – I couldn’t have missed my long awaited ski vacation based on just one opinion and I still went skiing and it was a good choice J – I reached the cabinet of a good and well known doctor in Stomatology who discovered two perfect teeth having their nerves affected by necrosis. After antibiotics, because the perfect natural opinion was that the problem is caused by an infection from the two teeth, the doctor thought the problem was serious and suggested a biopsy from the under-mandible lymph-node and from the gum. The pretty brutal diagnostic was Non-Hodgkin’s disease or more precisely T Lymphoblastic lymphoma and it was followed by 3 unsuccessful treatments consisting of chemo-therapy in the Fundeni Hospital, hematology department, in Bucharest. Because I stopped having responses to the treatments I received the recommendation to have a stem cell transplant in a clinic in the Western Europe and I got interned in a hospital in Wien, Austria, were I’m under treatment with cytostatics and I’m hoping to have a remission of the disease – without remission I’m not good for stem cell transplantation. I also received two test results recently, one from the biopsy of a lymph-node extracted in November and one from the bone marrow extracted 1 week-ago, in December.
The conclusions are: 1. I don’t have a lymphoma anymore, but the disease evolved to a leukemia – the lymphoma goes to a leukemia if more than 20% of the cells in the blood are affected by the disease, and I have 40% affected; and 2. I’m not good for a self stem cell transplantation because the bone marrow is too affected by the disease, being affected in a proportion of 80%.
Unfortunately the cost estimate for the transplant with a foreign donor is for 218.242 euro, a sum too big to be raised in this short period by anyone I guess. If you can are willing to help me, you can share my story with your friends and acquaintances and by donating money to the accounts that appear on my blog:

RO 81 INGB 0000 9999 01705974 (RON)
RO 73 INGB 0000 9999 02156489 (EUR)

Phone number for donations: 0900.900.088 — 5 euro / call (free service, no VAT payed),in the Romtelecom network.

Thank you,

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